The Chicks are Ordered!

We did some research and decided to order our chicks from a hatchery this year, specifically Murray McMurray Hatchery. We ordered our chickens now because we watched some YouTube videos on how to raise chicks and some of the videos recommended that you order chicks in the winter if you are using a hatchery because they may actually run out of the chicks that you want. So we went ahead and placed our order and scheduled delivery in April during Megan’s spring break. Now I really need to complete that chicken coop! The pressure is on…

Megan’s Thoughts

I am really excited to be able to get chickens. I have been wanting chickens for a long time. We ordered a couple of breeds of chicken from the hatchery, as mom said. The least amount of chickens you could get was 15 in order to get them shipped so we each got to pick out a couple of chickens to call our own.

Mom’s Picks

Mom picked out an “ Ameraucana”, aka The Easter Egger chicken. These chickens are known for their ability to lay different shades and colors of eggs. Mom also got a “ Red star”. They are excellent brown egg layers. They are excellent chickens in general mostly because they are easy to raise, easy to take care of, and they are amazing layers. The last chicken Mom picked out was a Buff Orpington. They are large golden chickens. For the most part they are quiet, calm birds which is why I think mom chose it!

Dad’s Picks

My Dad also picked a couple of chickens too. Yes, we didn’t leave him out. First, dad picked out a Buff Cochin. Yep. You read it right – a Buff Cochin. They are okay layers and the lay bright brown eggs! Dad also got a Dominique. These black and white birds lay big brown eggs and do better in a free range environment. The last bird dad got was a Brown Leghorn. It is the most colorful of the Leghorn family.

My Chickens

And last but not least, the first chicken I picked out was a Rhode Island Red. I was originally going to get a Black Frizzled Cochin but then we figured out that it was a straight run only. That means when the bird is so small that you are unable to sex it so you don’t know if you’re getting a male or a female. We don’t want any roosters yet. But anyways, Back to the Rhode Island Red. They are beautiful brick red birds that lay big brown eggs. I also ordered a Whiting True Blue. Whiting True Blue chickens lay bright blue eggs. The last chicken I got is a Barred Rock. These chickens have alternating white and black stripes, called barring.

All of these chickens are due to arrive the week of April 22, 2019. I am super excited for their arrival. I will make sure to make a blog post as soon as they get here!

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